Saturday, February 07, 2009

Autodesk's AutoCAD MEP 2010 Product Launch Press Release

Autodesk hosted three virtual press conferences to launch the 2010 portfolio of design software. Detailed information on the 2010 products as well as links to archives of the webcasts are provided below.

What’s New

Enhanced Usability
  • New customizable ribbon toolbar is task-oriented with redesigned, intuitive icons.
  • Improved workspaces are tailored for tasks such as HVAC and piping systems in
    ready-made formats, which are also highly customizable.
  • New application menu helps enable easier access to a list of commands such as
    Open, Save, Export and Publish; also use the application menu to access recent
  • Gravity based designs for Sanitary Drain, Waste, Vent and Storm/Sewer drainage
    systems can now be drawn more easily with the new sloped piping functionality.
  • Pipe routing preferences have been expanded to include parts with male and female

More Efficiently Create and Edit Drawings and Drawing Data

  • Leverage multiple part catalog support and use individual catalogs for different
    material types, allowing for easier part selection.
  • Support and migrate existing customized catalogs with tools to redefine the catalog
    based content in existing drawings; upgrade and add new parameters automatically.
  • Import manufactured building components from Autodesk® Inventor® without
    undesirable loss of data.
  • Content builder enhancements allow users to create custom parametric parts with
    male, female or a combination of both connectors based on real-world piping
  • Enhanced integration with Autodesk® Seek web service lets designers search a vast
    library of 2D and 3D building products and publish customized designs to the service.
More Coordinated Construction Documents
  • New part content has been added to help produce construction documents faster.
  • Values in the Panel Schedule are automatically updated when regenerating a drawing.
  • Improved graphical display of MEP parts provides more accurate representation in
    construction documentation.
  • A new DWG to PDF driver offers merge control for plot colors, the ability to include
    layer information and a preview of the plotted PDF.
AutoCAD MEP 2010 Screen Images and Captions
  • AutoCAD MEP 2010 Familiar Environment
    Leverage the familiar AutoCAD environment and access all of the commands that you are familiar with from right within AutoCAD MEP.

  • AutoCAD MEP 2010 Task-Based
    Whether you are a small or a multidisciplinary firm save your unique individual user interface configurations that are tailored around your specific building systems design task.

  • AutoCAD MEP 2010 Multidiscipline Coordination
    Coordinate mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design the interference detection tools within AutoCAD