Monday, March 10, 2008

Civil 3D Object Enabler Breaks the Add Pipe/Duct Tool in AutoCAD MEP

There is an issue with AutoCAD MEP where you cannot draw more than one segment of pipe or duct at a time. When you are prompted for starting point, and ending point of the first segment, the command exits without allowing for additional segments.

The Civil 3D Object Enabler breaks the pipe/duct add mechanism. The Autodesk development team has tentatively scheduled to deliver a fix in the next update to the Civil 3D Object Enabler, available in approximately two to four months. Please note their quality assurance teams may need to reschedule some fixes. Please rely on the timeline information as a guideline only and not a guarantee.

If this is happening to you, you only have two options as of now. Uninstall the Civil 3D Object Enabler, or continue with the add duct/pipe tool ending after each segment is added.

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  1. My company has just recently updated to 2008 MEP. I have noticed this issue even though I don't have the civil 3d enabler. It does seem to be drawing specific. Everything works fine until I open certain drawings. After that, only a restart of Autocad fixes it for new drawings. Anyone know of an update to this yet?


    P.S. Thanks for the great blog. Always enjoy reading your post.