Monday, December 04, 2006

Preserving Layer Settings in Sections & Elevations. Autodesk. ®. Building Systems (ABS) and Autodesk

Preserving Layer Settings in Sections & Elevations Autodesk® Building Systems (ABS) and Autodesk Architectural Desktop (ADT) provide end-to-end design capabilities for the entire design team by providing a single platform that allows you to unify your drawing, design and analysis in one comprehensive solution. Both ABS and ADT offer powerful modeling tools that enable you to create sections and elevations directly from model without additional work on your part. This document explores the utilization of 2D Section/Elevation Styles (elevation styles) to control the visual and layer properties of elements in a 2D section or elevation object. Controlling the properties of these elements is done either manually or automatically. This document will explore both methods. Manual control is desirable when you have just a few objects in the section that you want to control their display settings. Automatic control gives you the ability to have the section object completely reproduce the display settings of the objects. Automatic control, however, requires you to configure your section – elevation styles to completely match the colors set through layers via layer keys.

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