Wednesday, January 23, 2008

AutoCAD MEP IFC Export To Revit

Based on established, international standards for common objects in the building industry, the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) file format provides an interoperability solution between different software applications for reducing the loss of information when files are transmitted.

AutoCAD MEP is IFC-certified for importing and exporting version 2x3 IFC files. IFC files from versions 2x2 and 2x can also be imported if the data is compatible with 2x3 and is consistent with implementation agreements as defined for the IFC 2x3 coordination view.

IFC certification enhances your ability to share project information across disciplines and technical applications over the life of the project. For example, building models drawn in AutoCAD Architecture are saved to a DWG file format. You can export the drawing using the IFC format to an IFC-certified application that could not otherwise open a DWG file like Revit. Likewise, you can import an IFC file that was in a format like Revit and work on that drawing in AutoCAD MEP

When you export a drawing to IFC, a file is created with information you specify for project name, project number, location of the file, and any external references (xrefs).

The IFC file structure at export is hierarchical with 4 defined levels as shown.
Even though the IFC file structure is not visible in AutoCAD MEP, it governs the files created when an IFC file is imported.

To see how to import this IFC file into Revit, go to my Revit MEP blog at

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