Thursday, July 03, 2008

Xref Space Issues in AutoCAD MEP 2009

Back in ABS 2007, and ADT 2007, there was a new feature that combined the architectural spaces and the engineering spaces into one space object that could be shared between both deciplines.

Click on picture to see the problem.

Asking the Architect to move their spaces into a separate xref file, rather than placing spaces in the architectual model itself might be a lot to ask but it will be the only way that engineers will be able to use spaces and zones in their engineering models. The architect can start a new file that will be just for the Architectural spaces. The Architect would xref their background into this new file containing their spaces.

With their spaces off to the side, this should free up their backgrounds to allow engineers to make your own spaces.

In the meantime, Autodesk has logged a wish request to make Rooms different from Spaces so the engineer can model the volumes we need for calculations. Architects can model their Rooms. Kind of going back to what they had in 2007, and what Revit MEP 2009 has.

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