Wednesday, November 08, 2006

2007 Spaces and Drawing Compare Subscription Module

The Subscription Module: Spaces and Drawing Compare is available exclusively for Autodesk® Building Systems 2007 customers participating in the Autodesk® Subscription program. Download this module to get the enhanced Spaces feature and the new Drawing Compare feature.

The Building Systems Spaces feature is used to track the area and other data associated rooms or other spaces in the building design. With the enhancements in this Subscription module, Spaces can now update automatically if the bounding elements are changed, saving you time and making documentation more accurate. And Space definitions can now also include offsets from bounding elements based on pre-set or user-defined rules, enabling area calculations based on various industry standards, including BOMA, DIN, or SIS.

The new Drawing Compare feature enhances collaboration by using color-coded displays to show items on a drawing that have been changed, added, or deleted by other members of the design team. Changes to items such as styles, fire ratings, or other non-graphical properties are also tracked. Combined with redlining features, such as revision clouds, the Spaces and Drawing Compare features help make communication across the design team clearer than ever.

To convert your drawing so that Standard-based area calculations are used rather than Style-based:

  1. Open the project drawing in which you have space objects; this will most likely be a Construct if you are using Project Navigator.
  2. Open the Options dialog box. On the AEC Object Settings tab, under the Space Settings section, select BOMA Standard from the Calculation Standard drop-down list. Once this standard has been selected, the SpaceType_BOMA Classification Definition will automatically be added to the drawing.
  3. Select all of the space objects using the QSELECT command.
  4. On the Properties palette, change the Offset Boundaries property from By Style to By Standard.
  5. Deselect all of the spaces.
  6. Select each space individually, and on the Extended Data tab of the Properties palette, change the Classification to be used from the list available under the SpaceType_BOMA property set definition.
  7. Select all of the spaces using the QSELECT command.
  8. Right-click. Click Update Space Geometry > All Associative Spaces.

After all of the spaces have been regenerated, the new boundaries for net, usable, and gross area will conform to the BOMA Standards.

Repeat this procedure in each of the drawings that contains space objects in your project.

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