Thursday, September 20, 2007

AutoCAD MEP 2008 English Tutorials Done in Metric

You noticed that two of the topics in the AutoCAD MEP 2008 tutorial cannot be accessed from the table of contents.

To access these two topics, download the tutorials available from the following website:

These tutorials contain an updated table of contents in both the online (CHM) and PDF versions.

Follow the steps in the corresponding readme.txt file to download the tutorial zip file to your hard drive and extract the CHM and PDF files. The tutorial datasets do not contain updates and do not need to be extracted.

After extracting the English version and opening a project you will notice that they are in metric. There are not different files for the Imperial system. All the style property sets in HVAC are in metric. Xrefs insert in metric units. Changing the template files to Imperial won’t fix it either.

Autodesk told me that they did not publish imperial tutorials for the 2008 release. All of their tutorials are metric. AutoCAD MEP 2008 is designed so that its functionality works exactly the same whether you are using imperial or metric units. The skills that you learn doing the metric tutorials can be directly applied to imperial-based projects.

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