Tuesday, September 18, 2007

AutoCAD MEP 2008 Service Pack 1

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As a result of detailed information from customers who used the Customer Error Reporting Utility, a number of problems were identified and fixed in the following areas:

AutoCAD MEP 2008

  • Content Builder

  • Display System

  • Grip editing

  • Hidden Lines

  • Multi-view Parts

  • Schematic Lines

AutoCAD MEP Updates -Changes include the following:


  • Devices and Panels with an model representation will be detected by Interference Detection if they collide with other MEP objects.

  • The system filter for the Circuits property during WireAdd will update correctly.

  • The connection a wire with a circuit assigned has with a device will be maintained after using the Publish command.


  • CER: Changing the connection types on a duct fitting to a flanged connection type no longer causes a fatal error.

  • Flanges are now displayed on duct fittings within a model view, when the flange values are specified on the duct fittings.

  • Duct fittings endcap snaps to the open end of vertical or sloped duct segments properly.


  • Pipe segments copied from one pipe run to another pipe run will align properly to the new pipe run.

  • Using AecConvertto3dSolid command will convert pipe fittings more successfully to 3d Solids.

  • Auto-Routing pipe between two pipe connectors with an elbow using custom sizing will add the needed angle to the part to resolve the connection in the current drawing.

  • When a single line pipe is being crossed multiple times by another AutoCAD MEP object at a different elevation, the hidden line gap is properly applied to the pipe.


  • Plumbing Lines and Plumbing Fittings will continue to obey Annotation Scale after changing the drawing units and cancel the Drawing Setup dialog.


  • CER: Performing a Fillet or Join on schematic lines with schematic symbols anchored to them no longer causes a fatal error.


  • Etransmit will no longer enter an infinite loop of prompting to save the drawing.

  • CER: Grip editing the location of MEP objects with various setting combinations of Object Snaps, Snap, Ortho, Polar, Dynamic UCS and Dynamic Input settings will no longer cause a fatal error.

  • CER: Erasing an inline MvPart will no longer cause a fatal error.

  • CER: The adding of automatic properties to a Property Set Definition that is generated automatically when objects are added to the drawing will no longer cause a fatal error.

  • Switching to the Extended Data tab in the Properties Palette with AutoCAD objects selected will no longer cause Resource Manager errors.

  • CER: Part Catalogs containing the “’” symbol will no longer cause a fatal error during Catalogtest.

  • CER: Saving of concurrently open drawing which contain annotative dimensions no longer cause a fatal error within Content Builder.

  • CER: Parametric parts which produce an invalid solid will no longer cause a fatal error. Instead the erroneous solid will not be displayed.

AutoCAD Architecture Updates -Changes include the following:

AEC Details

  • Adding batting insulation with the same start and end point no longer causes a crash.

AEC Dimensions

  • AEC dimension component override locations no longer reposition when opened in AutoCAD Architecture 2008.

  • AEC dimensions to curtain walls now respond predictably.

  • Multiple instances of dimension text are no longer move with selected text.

Annotation Scaling

  • When a custom scale does not exist in the host drawing, but does in an xref, it is only imported once into the host drawing.


  • CER: Producing a view from a camera snapped to geometry no longer causes a fatal error.

  • CER: Adjusting a camera view in a maximized viewport no longer causes a fatal error.

Design Center

  • CER: Resuming a DesignCenter insertion after starting a second command no longer causes a crash.

  • Dragging and dropping AEC Content from the DesignCenter to an active model space viewport in paper space now works.

Drawing Management

  • Sheets in a project can now be plotted simultaneously from multiple workstations.

  • Migrating non-English projects from versions previous to AutoCAD Architecture 2008 will no longer be repathed into empty folders.

  • Maximum project category path length in AutoCAD Architecture 2008 is now around 248 characters.

  • CER: Fatal errors no longer occur when browsing in the Project Browser, typically with slow server connections.

Export to AutoCAD

  • CER: When exporting to AutoCAD, typically with eTransmit, fatal errors no longer occur.


  • IFCImport and IFCExport are now fully Ifc2x3 Certified.

  • Roof Slabs are now imported with the correct style.

  • Memory management enhancements now reduce memory consumption and large file import crash potential.

  • Fixed error in area and volume conversion

  • IFCImport and IFCExport now handle file geometry flaws better, particularly malformed

  • IFC entities from non-certified programs. In order to limit data loss, it is recommended that only certified programs be used to create IFC files.

  • In accordance with revised certification requirements, IFCImport and IFCExport feature improved retention of entity color settings.

  • Performance has been improved for installations of AutoCAD Architecture 2008 on Microsoft Windows Vista.

  • Object GUID creation has been to meet certification requirements.

  • Style and MVBlock names are now numbered sequentially.

  • When importing a TEKLA user model, structural members are now created.


  • CER: Opening a DXF file that contains a sheet keynotes legend no longer causes a crash.


  • The Center option now works when tagging entities in xrefs that are not inserted at 0,0,0.

  • Can now Edit Table Cell in a schedule table when the table contains a formula column.


  • Tags no longer change location when associated spaces are updated.

  • CER: Importing an AutoCAD Architecture 2008 drawing in Revit Structure with AutoCAD 2006 DWG TrueView installed no longer causes a crash.

  • Space evaluation now resolves through xrefs without zones.

  • CER: Random crashes after space evaluation no longer occur.

Structural Members

  • The Override Display Configuration Cut Plane option for Structural Members is now respected.


  • Selecting a wall with a custom display representation no longer causes a crash.


  • CER: Binding an xref that contains a wall no longer causes a fatal error.


  • CER: Opening drawings with certain entity configurations no longer results in a Fatal Error.

AutoCAD Updates - Other changes include the following:


  • ObjectID.Open no longer causes a crash

  • Removing a handler from Database.ObjectAppended then firing the event now generates an error message


  • vl-arx-import now functions for namespaces separate from VLX

  • i-Drop is operating correctly

Annotation Scaling

  • When dragging and dropping a named view from the style sheet manager to the host drawing, the annotation scaling features work properly

  • Custom scales which exist in the nested xrefs are no longer duplicated in the host drawing

  • Blocks in the Tool Palettes created from the DesignCenter annotative drawings are now annotative


  • Multiline attributes no longer shift positions every time drawings are saved and opened

  • The Value field for an attribute definition may now be modified in the Property Palette


  • The Y-scale factor of inserted blocks is now scaled accurately

Communication Center

  • The Communication Center is now enabled by default.


  • The dashboard panel configuration is now maintained throughout different workspaces and user sessions

Data Extraction

  • All dynamic block properties are now correctly extracted


  • Radial extension arcs may now be disabled, restoring the ability to dimension small radii

  • The In-Place dimension text editor size is now correct

  • Round-off dimension values now appear correctly

  • Dimension breaks no longer cause AutoCAD to hang


  • Linetypes now always display properly after zooming operations


  • Copy/paste now works in the drawings saved as 2000 and then resaved in AutoCAD 2004, AutoCAD 2005, or AutoCAD 2006


  • AutoCAD 2000 and Release 14 file formats are preserved while using ETRANSMIT with the "Keep existing drawing file formats" setting enabled


  • Drawing name field now always plots correctly


  • The BHATCH command boundary detection mechanism has been improved


  • Image frames are no longer plotted or displayed when IMAGEFRAME is set to 0


  • The ampersand character ("&") may now be entered on the Layout tab


  • The location of attributes in multileader block is no longer off-center

  • Multileader text no longer unexpectedly rotates

  • Multileader attributes are no longer off-center in a rotated UCS


  • MText tabs are now saved correctly to the older DWG formats

  • Certain Japanese characters are displayed correctly

  • Portuguese (Iberian and Brazilian) dictionaries now have accented capital letters


  • If multiple drawings are opened in Explorer, only a single instance of AutoCAD containing those drawings will launch

Object Snap

  • Object snaps now work correctly in blocks

PDF Export

  • Raster images now plot correctly to PDF

Performance Tuner

  • If there are no new drivers, the "New Driver" bubble does not appear


  • Plotting performance of rotated MrSID images is improved


  • Data linked cell formatting is now correct

  • Excel formatting is kept when the paste special (PASTESPEC) command is used

Tool Palette

  • Icons are no longer truncated

Visual Styles

  • Erroneous lines and display artifacts no longer show up after multiple zooming operations


  • Drawings with long reference paths are referenced properly

Known Issues With This Service Pack

  • Problem: After applying the Service Pack 1, all dashboard control panels are displayed regardless of the selected workspace.

  • Workaround: Make the desired workspace current.

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