Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Portable Standalone Licenses

To open the Portable License Utility.

  1. On the target computer, click Start menu (Windows) /All Programs (or Programs) /Autodesk Architectural Desktop / Portable License Utility.

To obtain a computer identification code from the target computer

  1. Write down the computer identification code, which is shown in the lower-left corner of the Portable License Utility window.
  2. You will add the computer identification code from this target computer to the computer list on the source computer.
  3. To add a computer to the computer list
  4. On the Computers tab, a list of computers to which you can export a license is displayed.
  5. Click Add.
  6. In the Add Computer dialog box, enter the computer name and computer identification code of the target computer. Click OK.
  7. The information you added is displayed in the computer list on the Computers tab.
  8. In the Portable License Utility window, click Close.

To export a license

  1. On the Licenses tab, select the license you want to export. Click Export License.
  2. The Export License dialog box displays the Autodesk product name and license name, and lists the computer name and identification code of all computers in the computer list.
  3. In the Export To list, select a Target Computer.
  4. The target computer is the only place this exported license can go. You cannot select one target computer now and then transfer the license to a different computer. In the Export To list, select a target computer.
  5. Check your notes to verify that the identification code is correct for the target computer.
  6. The identification code displayed here must match the code on the target computer exactly.
  7. Under Export Type, select an export type.
  8. You must select Use Transfer File if this is the first time you are transferring this license to the target computer. The transfer file contains license information needed by the target computer.
  9. Click Transfer License.
  10. In the Export Succeeded dialog box, click OK.
  11. In the Portable License Utility window, click Close

Install the Autodesk product

  1. Install the Autodesk product on the target computer from the Network Image created from the Deployment Wizard. You do not have to register or activate the product on your target computer.

To import a license

  1. On the Licenses tab, click Import License.
  2. In the Import License dialog box, select a license transfer option. Make sure that you select the same transfer option that you used when you exported the license.
  3. Click Import.
  4. The license is now imported to the target computer; you can now run your Autodesk product on this computer. If you want to return the license to the original computer, repeat the export and import procedures.
  5. In the Portable License Utility window, click Close

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