Tuesday, April 29, 2008

AutoCAD MEP 2009 Compatibility with Earlier Releases

Because of the new enhancements to the software, for example electrical panel database files, in 2009, if you open that 2009 drawing in an earlier release, the older program doesn't understand the new features, and will give you errors. This will continue with every new version of AutoCAD MEP in the future, so it will be important to stay up to date with the latest release, and make sure everyone is using it.
Revit doesn't allow you to open a newer project in an older release at all. That eliminates these types of issues of backwards compatibility, or lack thereof.
In 2009, you will not see any warnings or messages when you open a 2009 drawing in an earlier version program. But as soon as you get to a new feature that it doesn't recognize, you will then get a warning that the drawing is a newer version and might not be compatible. I don't understand that. It should be displayed just as you open the drawing like in previous years, but it isn't this year. So be aware if you do work in a prior release program.

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