Thursday, April 24, 2008

Drawing Compare Subscription Module for AutoCAD MEP 2009

Drawing Compare is available exclusively for AutoCAD MEP 2009 customers participating in the Autodesk Subscription program. Download this module now to get the Drawing Compare feature. The Drawing Compare feature enhances collaboration by using color-coded displays to show items on a drawing that have been changed, added, or deleted by other members of the design team. Changes to items such as styles, fire ratings, or other non-graphical properties are also tracked. Combined with redlining features, such as revision clouds, the Drawing Compare features help make communication across the design team clearer than ever.

The comparison process is like how drawings were compared when they were received on tracing paper or Mylar sheets and then overlaid on the original project drawings using a light table. Drawing Compare displays informational data about the objects in your drawing as well as displaying the graphical changes on the drawing screen.

You select the review drawings and compare each to its corresponding project drawing on the Setup tab of the Drawing Compare palette. After the comparison, you view the results on the Review tab of the Drawing Compare palette and in the drawing area.

Drawing Compare identifies objects that have been modified, added, or removed in the review drawings. Based on the status of the objects (modified, new, or missing), colors are assigned, and a list of the changes is generated.

In the following example, a simple floor plan was modified to show what information Drawing Compare displays during a comparison session. The review drawing shows that changes to the project drawing include moving the lower vertical interior wall segment to the left (resulting in a shorter horizontal interior wall segment), adding an exterior door to the right exterior wall segment, and removing a window from the upper exterior wall segment.

When the drawings are compared, color-coded changes are displayed, based on the type of change.

Information about changes is also displayed in the Object Report List on the Review tab.

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