Tuesday, April 29, 2008

AutoCAD MEP 2009 Using Multiple Catalogs

In 2009, you can now specify multiple part catalogs for a category. For example, you can specify the MvPart catalog provided with the software and a custom MvPart catalog for the MvPart category. However, if 2 parts in different catalogs have the same ID or the same name, only the part in the catalog that is higher in the list will be displayed during part selection.

I was messing around with this more tonight, and I found out that in order to facilitate two catalogs in the new version of AutoCAD MEP, you need to add all of your custom parts to a new custom catalog; do not add custom parts to the catalogs provided with the software and delete the out of the box content. My custom catalog started from the default catalog, and I deleted the default content and the second catalog didn't appear in the tool palette. I created a new Catalog, and dragged my custom content into the new catalog, and mapped that new custom catalog to the options catalog path, and now in the tool palette, under add Mechanical Equipment, I can see both catalogs.

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