Monday, October 16, 2006

Autodesk Building Systems 2007 Service Pack 1

Summary of the Primary Building Systems Issues Resolved by the Service Pack

As a result of detailed information from customers who used the Customer Error Reporting Utility, a number of stability improvements have been made in the following feature areas:

Content Builder

  • In Building Systems 2007 we require all content that contains pipe connectors to have a CEL (Connector Engagement Length) value specified on each pipe connector.� CEL parameter is now added or removed automatically when a new pipe connector is added to or removed from a piece of content.


  • When transitioning from a rectangular to round duct segment the default duct fitting will be the same as transitioning from a round to rectangular duct segment.� You will no longer receive the "No Default Part Set" dialog during this action.
  • Insulation and Lining will be displayed on radius elbows.

Export to AutoCAD

  • Due to XDATA on hatches within our content, Export to AutoCAD silently failed to create exported drawing file in Building Systems 2007.� This scenario with Export to AutoCAD has been resolved.


  • Deleting an auto-placed label on a pipe segment will no longer leave a gap in the pipe segment display where the label previously was.

Property Palette

  • Location values on all layout objects have been added back to the Property Palette when the segment(s) are selected.


  • Gaps on Schematic Lines, Schematic Pipes and Wires are now retained through External References.


  • "Style not found in location drawing. Using Standard style." message no longer displays at command line when adding callouts to View drawings.

Export to AutoCAD

  • "An error occurred during save." message is no longer displayed after use of the Export to AutoCAD command.


  • Interferences are now handled correctly through nested external references.

Object Display Dialog

  • The Object Display dialog no longer becomes unresponsive after accessing and dismissing the Material Definition Properties dialog.


  • Performance improvements when zooming in and out while in an isometric view.

Project Management

  • Performance improvements when working with project drawings across a network or WAN.
  • "Enhanced reference audit problems for database" messages no longer display at the command line when dragging and dropping View drawings into Sheet drawings.
  • View drawings can be dragged and dropped into Sheet drawings within projects upgraded from previous releases.
  • When publishing sheets, newly created page setups are now displayed in the list associated with the Publish using Page Setup Override flyout.

Schedule Tables

  • Images included in schedule tables through use of graphic property definitions are now incorporated in 2D and 3D DWF files.

Schedule Tags

  • Assigned units within Property Data Formats are now reflected in schedule tags.
  • When drawings are opened, the correct value for AreaMinusInterferences property sets is displayed in schedule tags.


  • The Cancel button in the Analyzing Potential Spaces dialog is now functional.
  • Space/Zone Manager updates correctly after adding openings to a space that is displayed multiple times in the Space/Zone Manager tree.
  • Within the Space/Zone Manager, the style associated with the ceiling and floor surfaces can now be edited for associative extrusion spaces.
  • WallArea property set definition now reports correct value for sloping surfaces on freeform spaces.
  • Enabling the Ignore holes option in the Generate Spaces dialog now affects the results of Space AutoGenerate command.
  • The diagnostic display of spaces is no longer affected by the Offset Boundaries setting.
  • The diagnostic display of spaces is now updated correctly after the space geometry has been updated when using ByStyle as offset boundaries type.
  • Objects that reside on frozen layers within external references are now ignored when spaces are generated.
  • "Enhanced reference audit problems for database" messages no longer display at the command line and improved performance when opening drawings in which spaces have been generated from walls.
  • Openings associated with floor and ceiling surfaces are now correctly displayed after changing the Height below floor value.
  • Spaces are no longer generated inside the door/window swing when doors or windows are anchored to a wall.
  • Volume above ceiling values no longer vary depending on the geometry type of spaces.
  • When generating spaces, AEC Polygons, Stairs and Railings are now accepted as linework.
  • The Audit command has been enhanced to allow the identification and fixing of errors related to spaces.
  • Roofs, roof slabs and slabs will not participate as bounding objects when generating an extrusion or 2D space.

Tool Palettes

  • Manually created project palette groups are no longer lost after the project is closed and re-opened.


  • The Properties Palette displays the correct dimension values for spaces that are associated with nested zones.
  • After the zone match option is used, newly created spaces are no longer automatically added to zones.
  • Inserting a zone template into a drawing with an existing space does no longer results in an inaccurate zone template.

3D Navigation

  • Intellimouse scrolling with ZOOMWHEEL set to 1 now works as expected when in Orbit mode.
  • 3DORBIT performance has been improved.

External References

  • Constant reload of relative external references has been resolved.
  • IMAGEATTACH of CMYK images no longer result in Invalid Image warnings.
  • DWF files produced with Revit Structure 2 or 3 can now be attached to AutoCAD drawings.

Autodesk Building Systems 2007 Service Pack 1

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